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Our Patient’s Success Stories

Please take a few moments to listen to some of the amazing stories of success from our patients! We’re so proud of their life-altering results and we know you can do the same!

Peripheral Neuropathy Success Stories

Mike's Story

Mike talks about how our program has put his peripheral neuropathy in remission. He also discusses how he lost 60 pounds and kept it off using our peripheral neuropathy program.

Sherry's Story

Peripheral Neuropathy, 3 years remission!

Elizabeth’s Story

I came to see Dr. Adams with a number of complaints:

  1. The joint on my big toe head started hurting about six months ago and was beginning to wake me up at night.
  2. Plantar fasciitis on my left foot has bothered me for the past year.
  3. My legs felt like they had led poured into them (this had been an ongoing problem since 1969, following a severe case of mononucleosis.)

All of these problems were making walking more difficult and exercise impossible, so I was gradually gaining weight that was hard to shed.

Dr. Adams had a number of different solutions and options available to me – some of them surprised me. I have received cold laser and both electric and mechanical stimulation on the nerves in my legs, and on my feet. As a result, my pain levels as well as the heaviness in my legs have decreased to the point that walking is becoming doable again.

I also discovered that multiple food allergies were raising the level of inflammation in my body, and that the joints in my feet are becoming to form by rheumatoid arthritis. Because my kidneys are already working at a reduced rate and I didn’t want to use steroids that might affect their remaining functionality, I chose to start the anti-inflammatory diet to slow the process of joint degeneration down.

I also found out that adjusting my adrenals would improve the quality of my sleep (a problem for the past 12 years)-it’s nice to be able to enjoy and improved quality of sleep. If all this weren’t enough, with my diet plan my weight is decreasing as well, which helps taking the load off.

I’ve enjoyed going to the doctor because he listens and I’ve come away feeling better – what’s better than that?

Dr. Elizabeth S.R

Veda's Story

Recovery from Neuropathy, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Acid Reflux

Chronic Pain Success Stories

Annie's Story

My name is Annie, for years I have dealt with a lot of health issues. I had rheumatoid arthritis pain, indigestion, headaches, and brutal digestive problems. Major, major problems! I also had back issues, fatigue and migraine headaches. I had a blood panel, and a sensitivity panel done. I started a program and eliminated some of the foods from my diet that could trigger issues. Thanks to Dr. Adams I have been re-created. My life has totally changed. I no longer have those issues. In fact all the sudden I have become a much younger person, as much as 20 years, my life has completely changed. I no longer have indigestion, headaches, rheumatoid arthritis pain and no sensitivity in my hands and knees now. I am absolutely pain free! I’m just so glad I found Dr. Adams.

Julia's Story

I came to Dr. Adams because of knee pain and swelling I had been having. I am very pleased with the results that I have since starting treatment. The treatments are painless but you can feel the difference immediately. I would recommend that if you have knee pain and don’t want surgery that this is the way to go.

Gail's Story

Chronic Arthritic Knee Pain

Janie's Story

Joint Pain, No Longer Needs a Walker or Cane

Knee Pain No More!

Sherry's Story

Sherry came to us because her chronic knee pain was interfering with her active life. Watch this video to see and hear her life-changing story!

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